Year 2018 saw Pune getting geared up to support safe travelling. PMPML turned to Masstrans to seek help for their project. LED Destination Display is what they have started with. The display board puts an end to the passenger’s confusion about the route, this ends the need to hire staff for guiding passengers. These signboards are put around the bus on all four sides for passengers’ convenience. Installed inside, they can be used to display the next and the approaching stop. An announcement is made to tell about the stop. These GPS enabled LED signboards can display multiple messages in various sizes and colors. Multi-lingual, scrolling display makes it easier for the fleet operators to reach more people.

The LED board is durable and can withstand weather conditions. They are powerful enough to be seen in broad daylight. The LED display is the first step towards the modernization of buses in Pune. Normal buses are being converted into smart buses to serve the people of Pune.