India is developing in terms of making cities smarter. Various solutions have been implemented to collect and dispose of solid waste in India, but not many of them have effectively worked. In spite of the efforts taken, cleanliness still remains a major issue.

Although the Clean City drives have helped to some extent, the current COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need to minimize dirt, garbage, and the number of waste-bins across Indian cities. This can mean fewer surfaces to touch and a lesser spread of the COVID-19 virus. Solid waste collection and management should be done with the utmost care and professionalism. If solid waste from hospitals and other public places is not timely collected, it will be difficult to control the spread. The current solid waste collection and management practices are being questioned as more and more waste is generated and there is no viable solution to collect it all smoothly. It is bringing forth unforeseen challenges to the appointed staff.

Bigbelly, the world’s leading Smart Waste Collection System, is now available in India and part of the smart city drive. It has an enclosed design that keeps all the garbage inside, makes sure there is no spillage, and keeps away pests. It is so smart that, when full, it beeps and sends a signal to the garbage collection crew. Hence, the need to check on the bins for their fullness is eliminated. This smart product can be deployed in hospitals, colleges, hotels, hostels, large companies, industrial areas, residential colonies, and other public places like parks and theaters.

Let us come together to help the country by keeping it clean. Opt for Bigbelly as your trustworthy option to help you on your mission!