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Since 1991, Masstrans has been successfully delivering the best solutions to public transport. In 2004, the company partnered with Hanover Displays UK to pioneer passenger information system for buses in India, and these systems have now been widely accepted and adopted by the Transport industry. Equipped with in-house designing and manufacturing, our ARAI certified (UBS-II, IS:16833 & IS:16490) range of products focus on improving efficiency of fleet operations and enhancing an everlasting passenger travelling experience.

Billions of passengers in the country have benefitted through this bus information system. Leading bus manufacturers like Volvo, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, VECV, JBM, SML Isuzu, Mercedes, Force Motors, PMI and Mahindra use Masstrans’ solutions. Our expansion plans are targeted around solutions for Railways and Metro.

Masstrans aims to be the recognized leader in consistently delivering innovative and environmentally responsible solutions for the Mass Transit industry, making lives of commuters convenient and safe.

Transport Solutions for Bus Drivers

Our Transport Solutions

Intelligent Transport System comprises of a number of technologies to make transportation more efficient and safe by use of information, communication and control technologies. Intelligent transportation is perfectly aligned with IoT (Internet of Things) thus making ground transit smoother.

We offer a holistic solution for an efficient transport information system including Bespoke LED Roof Lights, Passenger Information Systems (LED Signs/Displays), Single Control Units, Bus Driver Console, Surveillance & Rear View Cameras MDVR/MNVR, Multi-media TFT Screens, Automatic Passenger Counting, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Driver Fatigue/Status Monitoring System, Reverse Parking Assistance System, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Wired & Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers, Infotainment System, Planning and Scheduling System and Automatic Fare Collection System.

In addition to the above we also provide Bus Stop Signs (ETA) or Station Signs (PIDS), Passenger Announcement System (PAS), Flight Information Display System (FIDS).

smart solutions for Intelligent Transport by bus

Transport Solutions for Bus

Metro Railway

Transport Solutions for Metro/Rail

Solutions for Airports

Transport Solutions for Airport

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