Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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How the advanced driving assistance systems are preventing road accidents:

Advanced driver assistance systems ensure driving and safety measures are automated to an experience that is highly responsive and accurate. The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) include It includes the state-of-the-art yet cost-effective technology that can be embedded in the vehicle for exterior object detection and classification.

The algorithms in these systems are powerfully developed to classify a vehicle from pedestrian, trees and other physical objects very smartly and accurately.

The lane departure intimations, collision systems, pre-set distance warning are an integral part of the ADAS.

advanced driver assistance system in bus
advanced driver assistance system for bus

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems India:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are intelligent systems that reside inside the vehicle and assist the driver in a variety of ways. These systems may be used to provide vital information about traffic, closure, and blockage of roads ahead, congestion levels, suggested routes to avoid congestion etc.

Avoiding Impending Collisions In Road Accidents:

The advanced driver assistance systems are intelligent systems that aid drivers with some additional controls to cruise safely on the city or remote roads. The systems are designed to prompt the driver with any possible physical object coming near the vehicle, thus raising alarms. The system comes with different controls and can help curb many reckless accidents.

The different features of a driving assistance system are:

  • Lane departure warning system
    The Lane Departure Warning System alerts the driver if the vehicle is drifting from one lane to the other. The ADAS system sends application alerts within a pre-set and safe distance before a vehicle might or could trail into the other lane. These systems are sensitive and built smartly considering the lane markings that appear in different colours. Lane departure warnings are given through voice, vibration, or sound warnings.

    The system makes use of a scanning device mounted in the front of the vehicle, making use of warning systems like a laser, camera, and radar. The system detects the vehicle at safe distance and when the safe distance is crossed warns the driver.

  • Front collision warning
    The Front Collision Warning System alerts the driver in the critical scenario of a frontal collision, thereby averting impending accidents. The frontal collisions are averted by different alerts like tactile, sound or visuals. Some systems also provide mild braking that would considerably control the speed of the vehicle and make the collision less impactful in case the driver is unresponsive to the alerts.
  • Forward Proximity Warning
    The most kind of accidents happens on the rear side, where the driver is either distracted or speed driving. The forward proximity warning works on the same concept and technology as the front collision warning. The camera, radar or lasers automatically detect the vehicle in the front and gauge a safe distance between the two vehicles and the speed of the vehicle.
  • Pedestrian Collision Warning
    The pedestrian is at utmost risk and vulnerable walking on the road or the sidewalks. They are essentially in their safety zones and yet caught off-guard by someone is reckless driving. The system warns the driver when the pedestrian is in a collision zone and at a critical distance of the moving vehicle.
  • Front Vehicle Start Alarm
    The incoming vehicle is alarmed by the minimum distance between the vehicles. The system also alarms when the front vehicle moves ahead. The gap needs to be maintained and the vehicle is prompted on catching up speed as soon as the front vehicle moves to avoid rear collisions.

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