Driver Monitoring System

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Solution Overview:

Driver Fatigue/Status Monitoring System is a driving auxiliary warning system that is based on machine vision technology to detect driver abnormal driving.

It can help detect and alarm various conditions including fatigue, distraction, smoking and making a phone while driving.

driver status monitoring system
bus driver status monitoring system

Solution Details:

Driver drowsiness, fatigue and distraction at the wheel are often the cause of serious accidents worldwide. According to the global status report on road safety, road traffic crashes represent the eighth leading cause of death globally. As ADAS technologies become mainstream, automotive and fleet management organizations are challenged with addressing this humungous safety issue arising due to driver drowsiness and distraction. Masstrans’ Driver Monitoring System, using a single low-power in-vehicle camera and advanced vision technologies, provides reliable detection of driver drowsiness and distraction, alerting the driver to reduce the chances of serious accidents and thus providing a safer and comfortable drive.


  • Supports IPC resolution 720P & 1080P
  • Supports 940 supplement light
  • IP54 water proof and dust proof design
  • Driver calling & smoking detection alarm
  • Driver fatigue driving alarm
  • Driver abnormal alarm (when there is no driver or driver does not sit at the right place)
  • Working stably in various environment

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