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Digital Signage Displays: Promoting Smart and Safe Cities with Innovative, Environmentally Responsible, and Self-sufficient Solutions

At Masstrans Technologies, we understand the importance of creating smart and efficient cities for the betterment of citizens. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide range of digital signage solutions for smart cities. Our solutions are designed to provide real-time information and communication to citizens in urban areas, making it easier for them to access the information they need.

We offer solutions for transportation, buildings, retail, advertising, emergency, city dashboards, parking, waste management, energy management and public safety. Our innovative and environmentally responsible solutions are comprehensive, which eventually minimize costs related to operation as most of them are self-sufficient and require minimal human assistance.

We are on an approved list for the supply of various products in the smart city segment. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions to enhance their smart city projects.

digital signage

Digital Signage Solutions

bus arrival notification system

ETA for Bus Stop

ETA for bus stops is a vital aspect of public transportation, and at Masstrans Technologies, we are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable

LED video wall technology

LED Wall

At Masstrans Technologies, we offer advanced Direct View LED video wall technology that delivers seamless images, scalability to any size or shape,

variable message signs suitable for providing traffic information

Variable Message Display (VMD)

Variable Message Display (VMS) are designed to convey important public messages, speed limits and control the traffic in all lanes.

Intelligent Speed Indicator Displays

Vehicle Actuated Speed Display (VASD)

Vehicle Actuated Speed Display (VASD) is designed specifically to provide feedback to road users for safe speeds and encourage them to slow down.

Smart Bus Stop Signage

Smart Bus Stop Signage

Smart bus stop signage has been designed for better customer experience. These are created for Service Oriented Transport Terminal.