Smart Bus Stop Signage

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Solution Overview:

Smart bus stops have been designed for better customer experience. These are created for Service Oriented Transport Terminal. The basic aim of a Smart Bus Stop is to replace the current public transport stations with a modular, multi-functional product.

Smart Bus Stop Signage
Smart bus stops will maximize the comfort of passengers

Solution Details:

Smart bus stops will maximize the comfort of passengers waiting for buses with wider seats, wide rain shields, and platforms made from sturdy and eco-friendly materials. Solar-powered, real-time arrival information boards installed at bus stops across the globe, fulfilling the communication needs of a comprehensive public transport system without the need for a city power connection.


  • Providing concentrated community services information.
  • Informs passengers about bus schedules.
  • You can access emergency call boxes, fire extinguishers, bill payment and mobile top-up services, as well as direct phone links to taxi companies.
  • Has in-built ticket vending machine for top-up

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