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Solution Overview:

On-street parking is a grave problem in India. Parking payment app gives the freedom of finding a parking spot within seconds. This solution also keeps the road free from randomly parked vehicles. On-street parking solutions and enforcement system minimize the chaos on roads making them safer and resource saving.

Parking Payment App
Parking Payment App

Solution Details:

The parking payment app allows paying parking charges in the easiest way. This one-touch app saves time that we waste in finding a parking spot and getting a ticket from the guard. Through this solution, Masstrans addresses the needs of transport, finance, customer service, and IT departments. Reduced carbon emission and relieved traffic congestion are achieved with right parking policies and their implementation.


  • Shows status of parking lots.
  • App supports swift registration.
  • Parking time extension can be done remotely.
  • Activate parking session for a car with different vehicle registration plate.
  • Can opt for text messages before parking expires.
  • It captures the parking details and regularly transfers that data to the back-office.
  • There are instant updates on parking.
  • Data sent and received is secured with encryption.

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