Smart IoT Waste Collection

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Solution Overview:

Imagine if the waste containers on the sidewalks and parks in the city knew exactly how full they are? What if each waste bin could tell the collection crews when to collect it? Wouldn’t we love a scenario where streets never had waste overflows, and no one needed to clean up after them?

In over fifty countries around the world, municipalities, universities, commercial real estate firms, healthcare facilities, city centers, retail high streets, transit hubs, shopping malls, parks, and other public spaces rely on the innovative Bigbelly system to improve the cleanliness and quality of life.


Smart IOT Waste Collection Solution Details:

Bigbelly’s cloud-based solution gathers, consolidates, and analyzes data from smart and connected stations, providing real-time alerts, live status, and historical reports that help optimize operations and beautify public space.

  • No continuous power supply needed; works on solar power.
  • Compacts waste.
  • Notifies the server when it is full.
  • The design of the bin makes sure of no waste spillage.
  • Public announcements and ads can be posted on all sides.

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