We provide a diverse array of technological solutions tailored for public transport,
ensuring convenience and safety for commuters

Digital Signage

Elevate your communication strategies with digital signage solutions,
offering real-time information and enhancing engagement for seamless audience experiences

Smart City Solutions

Transform urban landscapes with innovative solutions designed to
enhance sustainability and efficiency

Smart Warehousing

Equip your warehouse with our specialized column and rack protectors,
designed to safeguard your infrastructure


Driving innovation through relentless research and development,
pioneering new technologies to shape the future of industries

At Masstrans Technologiies,
We’re not just pioneers;

We’re trailblazers in transforming the
landscape of transportation and beyond.

Since our inception in 1991 as Power Electronics, we’ve been on an extraordinary journey, evolving from trading electronic ballasts for fluorescent tube lights to becoming a leading force in smart transportation solutions.

Walk through with Masstrans

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