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Pioneering Smart City Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Urbanization

Rapid urbanization mandates the need for smart cities. Smart City Solutions promote a safe and convenient lifestyle. At Masstrans, we aim to equip the world with facilities that the common man can avail at any time for a better experience and easier access. Our innovative and environmentally responsible solutions are comprehensive, which eventually minimize costs related to operation as most of them are self-sufficient and require minimal human assistance. The solutions provided meet the standards of the smart infrastructure of Indian smart cities. Masstrans is on an approved list for the supply of various products in the smart city segment.

Smart City

Smart City Solutions

Masstrans offers an array of technologically smart and advanced solutions that consolidate the functionality of various daily life processes. These include smart solutions for increased convenience, improved lifestyle, better environment and IOT based surveillance systems for keeping our cities safe. These solutions inspire citizen engagement and enable sustainability.


Smart Bins (IOT) for Waste Collection

Other Solutions

EV charging solutions

EV Charging

The comprehensive EV charging solutions are able to fulfill the needs for various applications such as parking, workplace, fleet