ETA for bus stops

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Real-time ETA at Bus Stops: Enhancing Commuter Experience with Electronic Passenger Information Signage

ETA for bus stops is a vital aspect of public transportation, and at Masstrans Technologies, we are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information to users. Our advanced electronic signage solution offers easy integration with SIRI or other specifications, advanced monitoring, and audio integration, as well as some of the highest accuracy and reliability in the market. Additionally, our electronic signage can display personalized information, making it even more useful for the public transport users. Our electronic passenger information signage provides information and awareness that is easy to access, even for those customers who do not have mobile devices. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions to enhance their public transport projects.

bus arrival notification system
ETA for bus stops

Solution Details:

Real-time ETA at Bus Stops: Modern LED Displays – Rugged, Reliable and Information-rich

Full-matrix LED displays provide you with a rugged, reliable and modern passenger information solution. Usage of our modern LED message signs are able to greatly expand the volume and depth of the information being provided to the public transport users.

Without updated and current information, the wait time for transit users seems long. Using our LED message boards affects the perception of wait time. With more detailed information the users know exactly how many more minutes they have to wait, what lines are served or what type of transportation is at their service.


  • Easy integration to SIRI or any other specifications
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Easy audio capabilities integration
  • Best accuracy and reliability numbers in the market
  • The information displayed on our electronic signage can be personalized