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Safety and Security Solutions

Masstrans is a sum total of Safety and Security Solution for urban areas hit with congestion and growing traffic turmoil. We come forward with smart solutions that all cities need as a part of developing India. For more than two decades we have served cities with Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Smart Highway solutions and Urban Traffic Management solutions. With predictive technology and algorithms, future cities will see smooth urban mobility, increased productivity and decreased pollution. IoT is being implemented for better automation and we implement it for better results.

The gap between transportation and security on highways is being filled with innovations. Emergency call box, automated fare collection system, waste collection solutions, LED display boards, security products, traffic light control, are some of the products we provide. Cities like Pune, Kakinada and Nagpur have initiated automation with us and with the success we gripped there, we aim to spread all over the country with our smart solutions. The team constantly keeps an eye on the latest technology and how it can be used in India.

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Urban Technology Solutions

While we focus on making your lives safe, easy and convenient, we are effortlessly setting trends in India.

Our Vision

At Masstrans we look forward to solving problems surrounding Traffic, Highways, and Cities. The underlying target we are always trying to achieve is to make your lives safer, easier and convenient on and off roads by deploying the latest technology. With this, we want to chase the title of Leaders of innovative transport solutions. We also take care that you are offered value for money services and solutions. We strongly believe in automated and modern technology that increases productivity. We are set to tackle traffic-related issues with modern products and solutions that suit an urban infrastructure; we are furiously advocating this through our work. With these at our focal point, we are building an empire of smart solutions that will make the future of India brighter.

Our Vision

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Major OEM’s, Government Bodies, and Transportation Consultants are amongst who believe in technology and automation; they have been our strong supporters since day one. While we focus on making your lives safer, easier and convenient, we are effortlessly setting trends in India.


Our Team

Leaders behind MassTrans Smart Mobility Solutions
Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain

Managing DirectorAn Electronics Engineer, Vinay is passionate about traveling and discovering new technologies to make lives easier, smarter and safer for commuters. He has blended these passions to create Power Electronics in 1991 which now, as Masstrans, is delivering technological solutions to meet a wide array of needs.

Ashish Mittal

Ashish Mittal


With over 26 years of experience in the field of Finance & Accounts, Ashish leads a team of dedicated resources to manage strategic financial planning, as well as the day-to-day accounting operations.

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