Column Protection

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Solution Overview:

Warehouse columns need protection in huge parking lots and industrial shades. This column guard protects the column and saves interiors by surrounding them with air cushion.

Column Protector Outside

Column Protection Details:

Warehouse column protector is available in a variety of sizes to fit almost every column. This column protector is highly visible in its standard yellow color, preventing forklift collisions. When hit, Column Sentry flexes, protecting the column, the forklift, and the forklift operator.

The air-vent system provides the best protection available for a column protection device. This unique system allows air to escape during impact, allowing the column protector to absorb impact without splitting the sides.


  • It is easy to install, needs no tools.
  • Uses low-density polyethene
  • It is maintenance free
  • Highly visible with its yellow color.