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Digital Signage Solutions in India: Paving the Way for Smart, Sustainable Cities through Innovative, Environmentally-Conscious, and Autonomous Solutions.

At Masstrans Technologies, we recognize the critical role of cultivating smart, efficient cities to improve the lives of residents. We take pride in presenting a comprehensive range of digital signage solutions, tailor-made for the advancement of smart cities. Our digital signage display solutions in India are meticulously designed to deliver up-to-the-minute information and facilitate seamless communication for urban dwellers, thereby simplifying their access to necessary data.

We cater to various sectors including transportation, buildings, retail, advertising, emergency services, city dashboards, parking, waste and energy management, and public safety with our digital signage solutions. Our offerings, which include digital signage kiosk and outdoor digital signage, are ground-breaking and ecologically considerate. These digital signage systems are largely autonomous, significantly reducing operational costs and requiring minimal human intervention.

We feature in the approved supplier list for an array of products within the smart city domain. We stand committed to equip our clients with top-notch digital directional signage and digital signage advertising solutions to augment their smart city initiatives.

digital signage

Digital Signage Solutions

bus arrival notification system

ETA for Bus Stop

ETA for bus stops is a vital aspect of public transportation, and at Masstrans Technologies, we are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable

variable message signs suitable for providing traffic information

Variable Message Display (VMD)

Variable Message Display (VMS) are designed to convey important public messages, speed limits and control the traffic in all lanes.

Intelligent Speed Indicator Displays

Vehicle Actuated Speed Display (VASD)

Vehicle Actuated Speed Display (VASD) is designed specifically to provide feedback to road users for safe speeds and encourage them to slow down.