Collision Avoidance System

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Collision Avoidance System:

The Collision Avoidance System ensures the safety of the vehicle transit within the warehouse, as well as the floor workers. The system ensures that there are minimal collisions and avoid all fatal collisions. This is a smart system that warns leading to lesser collisions and impending damages.

The accident alert system comes with two purposes – A pedestrian alert system, a collision-avoidance system by avoiding blind spots and cruising right in the narrow aisle.

Collision Protector outside

Collision Prevention System details:

A warehouse shopfloor will have walking workers as well as forklifts and truck drivers driving in narrow spaces. In such circumstances the chances of a possible collision can be averted with the help of the smart warehouse management system.

The proximity warning alert system helps reduce or eliminate “blind corner” collisions by providing an audio and visual warning that alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic.

The forklift pedestrian warning system reduces accidents in industrial settings around blind corners. The product promotes safe working environments for the factory and industry workers. This product works like a traffic signal, blinking lights and making a loud noise as people come in its proximity.

The collision warning system warns pedestrians too of the impending dangers when a vehicle is within visible limits or not. The system detects the presence of an object or human and warns the driver to beep in advance.

The Collision Avoidance System / collision warning system designed to create a safer working environment in any industrial setting. There are corners or intersections where visibility is reduced or very restricted these are called blind corners. These are the prime spot for accidents especially in situations where pedestrian and forklift traffic cross paths.

Collision Avoidance System is ideal for:

  • Warehouse safety solutions.
  • Places where there is forklift traffic.
  • Places where workers and forklifts work on the same premises.
  • Places with low visibility and chances of accidents.
  • In industries, manufacturing hubs, factories, and distribution facilities.
  • Spaces that demand workplace safety measures.
  • Loading and unloading areas.

Forklift Alert System effectiveness:

  • The alert is loud enough to be heard in background noise.
  • It is self-powered and is easy to install.
  • It uses passive infrared motion sensors for detection.
  • Loud enough to be heard at both sides of the corners.
  • Uses light or buzzers to signal warnings.

Why Collision Avoidance System?

Workplace injuries are costly and could lead to loss of manpower time, and money and in turn affect productivity. This simple system can warn and control a lot of workplace accidents.

The warehouse management system can be included as a default system or a mandatory system for workplace safety measures to reduce possible accidents. It established safe working standards allowing employees to concentrate on their tasks.

Forklift pedestrian collision avoidance system ensures that a busy workplace is safe and free from accidents.


How does the Forklift collision avoidance work?

The intersections such as racks or columns are fitted with the Collision Avoidance System that cautions the driver. The system will detect obstruction at a safe and warning distance and warn them of the possible dangers. These zones are marked in advance as safe and warning zones and are pre-programmed to detect any possible collision and warn. The different distance yardstick distances can be set as per your warehouse limits.

Collision Avoidance System works to prevent these accidents using infrared motion sensors to see around the corner. When motion is detected on both sides of the blind corner creating conditions for a possible collision the device sends a synchronized audio and visual alert to warn of approaching traffic. With a detection zone of up to about 25 feet or 8 meters in each direction of the corner the warning is sent in ample time to take corrective action.

The product ships with the audio warning set at the highest volume but depending on your preference or the situation can be adjusted. There are two ways to adjust the volume high or low and on or off instructions and diagrams on how to make these adjustments are included. The shape of the collision center has the angles on each side to optimize the positioning of the lights and diffusing lenses. Concentrating the lights intensity, the brightness of the light is comparable to a car’s taillight.

This design also enhances the visibility of the alarms. The easier to see the more time to avert an accident.

The Collision Avoidance System is self-powered, it operates on the 3d cell batteries included. So there’s no need for costly wiring or additional electric to activate. Just pull out the plastic tab on the front and it’s ready to go, the lights will blink, and the device will adjust to the environment.

The battery life depends on usage, but estimates point to a minimum of 12 months when battery voltage drops below a specific level. A blue light on the front of the unit flashes and sounds to indicate the low battery. Changing the batteries is a simple process. First remove the door on the front of the device insert the new batteries in the same orientation. As the originals reinstall the door and the unit is ready to use. Even when the low battery, light activates from the collision system and continues to function for a short period of time.

The recessed magnets on the back make it easy to snap the collision avoidance system onto a metallic corner or rack upright and maintain a secure tight fit. Use the integrated mounting points for mounting the unit to non-magnetic surfaces.

Optimal height for installation on the upright is seven to nine feet or about points are also used with the nylon tether included with each unit. The tether provides extra security when mounting the units using the magnets. Using the tether is optional but recommended.

Self-powered preset ready to use, easy to install and always on guard adding collision avoidance system to your warehouse as part of a comprehensive safety program helps protect people from injury prevents damage to equipment and damage to the facility.

Where can Collision Avoidance System be installed?

Narrow aisles or busy shopfloors, an anti-collision system can be a safer bet for high traffic areas. The collision prevention system is fitted on walls, shopfloors, warehouse racks for better visibility and warning signs.

Easy maneuvering can now save a lot of time, obstructions and can help ease out indoor traffic and chaos. The collision avoidance system works very effectively for closed spaces, with lower visibility and high traffic. Industrial spaces can now be safe from any collision avoidance system to prevent any untoward hazards using simple technology.