Traffic Management Systems

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Traffic Management Systems

Intelligent Traffic Management System for Indian roads:

Imagine if traffic on roads moved smoothly even in peak hours. What if rule violation incidents are captured real-time and automatically recorded at your desk? Wouldn’t you love a scenario where you have full control over traffic movement in the city and on highways?

Masstrans is a sum total of safety and security solution for urban areas hit with congestion and growing traffic turmoil. For three decades, we have been offering an array of technologically smart and advanced solutions that consolidate the functionality of various daily life processes.

Transport Solutions for Bus Drivers

Our Traffic Solutions

Smart Traffic Management System solutions from Masstrans include road traffic solutions, traffic data solutions, traffic data collection, and intelligent traffic management system. These intelligent technologically-enabled solutions aim at making transportation/commuting smoother and more convenient by improving the traffic flow, increasing transportation system efficiency, and enhancing mobility. The products help to keep roads safe, road safe traffic management increase productivity and lower traffic congestion. Advanced Traffic Management System is an answer to traffic control vehicle and traffic problems on highways and urban roads.

Smart Traffic Management System using IoT

incident detection system for highways

Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS)

intelligent traffic management solutions

Highway Traffic Management Solution (HTMS)

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