Flight Information Display System

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Flight Information Display System

Flight Information Display System are automated displays used at airports to showcase real-time information and updates with passengers. Information on arrival, departures, delays and cancellations can all be communicated through these display systems efficiently without the need to involve a human staff to address the individual passenger requirements.

Passenger Management is one of the most critical tasks in any airport, local or international. Improving Passenger experiences and passenger flow ultimately leads to airport operations efficiency and is one major aspect of airport management.

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These airport flight information boards are located at various locations in an airport, visibly distinct and updated in real-time for errorless communication and efficiency.

Different airlines might use different types of FIDS based on the utility across terminals, baggage information display systems, flight information service and locations indoor or outdoor, including signboards on an aircraft.

Maastrans’ LED matrix based PIDS / FIDS is a unique product designed for exclusive flight information displays and can communicate over the network and 3G/4G data connectivity. The FIDS display is developed for easy integration with database and third-party server software.


The airport information display system features:

  • User configurable displays for different departments and locations
  • Clustered monitors for A-ICE flight information display system departures infoextended displays
  • Support for specialized devices
  • Emergency override message displays
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance

We can customize the airport display systems from hardware and software to any extent to fulfil different client requirements. We can bring you solutions based on your guidelines.

Airport Flight information boards are designed through a detailed process:

Requirement gathering- We understand your needs and expectations of the applicability and location of the display systems.

We design custom-make displays after detailed technical documentation of the product.

We manufacture the Flight Information Display Systems based on your custom requirements.

  • Testing
    We endure the product through rigorous testing for error-free performance.
  • Shipment
    We ship the displays to your choice of location.
  • Installation
    You can do the hardware installation on your own or can engage us in end-to-end solutions.

Airport Flight Information Board Technical Specifications:

Airport Flight Information Board can come in different layouts and colour variants depending on the client’s utility and needs. However, digital systems come with a host of features that are designed for ease and excellence. Right from your airports to aircrafts these display systems can be installed for different requirements and needs of the location. Let us see some of the very promising features of the Flight Information Display Systems.

Easy to use
The different messages to be displayed can be pre-programmed, selected, and displayed at the click of a button. The message board is controlled by an inbuilt keypad, and customized messages can be easily typed or altered. In the case of long messages, they automatically scroll across the screen.

Rugged Design and performance
The display systems are ruggedly built and tested to be used in extreme conditions. The very thin profile of the display system makes it easy to install on almost any vehicle.

Clear visibility across the day
The FIDS screen uses an ultra-bright LED technology, along with automatic brightness control makes messages easily readable during both day and night.

Management System
The system’s user interface includes various tasks buttons to trigger the information shown on the LED message board.

Administrator User Interface
The admin dashboard displays actions and error logs. These logged actions are visible only to the administrator.

Operators User Interface:

FIDS user interface is controlled by two ways-

  • More advanced web-based mobile app
    This operator interface is designed with the principle of – ” less is more “. Therefore, only the minimum information that is necessary for the user to complete his work operations is visible. The user interface is easy to use. The user interface displays the commands that are used for the coordination of the aircraft.
  • Simple IR remote control
    This is a more affordable and simplest solution that is preferred by most of the customers.