Wireless Mobile phone charger

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The trendiest wireless mobile phone charger devices for your travel

Mobile phones and other electronic devices are an integral part of our life today. Much of our daily activities revolves around these devices and they come to ease our everyday activities. As these electronic devices are to be constantly charged to keep them at work, charging the devices can be a difficult situation when you are commuting or travelling. If you are on the go in your vehicles, you still have options to charge through the USB chords, but what when you are travelling through public transport?

Transport Solutions for Bus Drivers

At Masstrans, we are bringing to you a very trendy and efficient product called the wireless charger that can be used irrespective of the transport system you choose. With the latest wireless charging technology, design and aesthetics, the wireless charger is built to charge electronic devices on the go. Small and sleek, this device can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Our unique wireless charger is designed to be integrated with equipment on vehicles both private and public transport systems. The wireless charger is housed in an apparatus that enables mobile phones and other devices to be retained in a particular position on the vehicle during charging. The wireless charger can be easily mounted on the seatback or the tabletops.

wireless charger moving in a bus

Wireless charging how does it work?

Masstrans USB Charger has been elegantly designed to allow passengers to charge both wireless and USB charging devices on the move. The two retaining clips and non-slip buttons secure the device into place permitting the wireless charging of all wireless-enabled smart devices, while the USB connector can charge another device like a phone/tablet simultaneously.

This is versatile and can be connected to both 12Vdc and 24Vdc electrical systems without adjustment. It has also been designed for both OEM and retrofit applications and can be mounted to any seat back using 4 screws which are hidden behind tamper-proof covers. Due to the durable polyurethane compound encompassing the electronic components, comprehensive protection is provided against dust and liquid ingress to IP65.

Features of our wireless mobile phone charger

  • Designed for integration into passenger vehicles
  • High wireless charging efficiency
  • Accepts both 12Vdc and 24Vdc
  • Extra vibration protection to EN61373
  • Approved to EN50498, ISO7637-2 and EN50155. E marked (Reg10) and CE marked

Masstrans wireless charging applications in commercial setups

  • It serves as a wireless USB charger device also and hence finds application in various commercial setups.
  • It can be embedded into strategic locations within the commercial vehicles. The sleek design does not interfere with the aesthetics and working of the vehicle. The intelligent system is however a very high-value addition to the commuters.
  • The design is minimalist and can be used not only in transport systems but also in other commercial places including hotels, restaurants, waiting areas, banks, hospitals and many more.
  • The wireless charger has been designed to meet the rigorous standards required for on-board commercial vehicle applications.
  • The wireless chargers are manufactured using rugged components to provide years of services in demanding commercial environments taking the necessary wear and tear.
  • The durable polyurethane compound encompassing the electronic components ensures comprehensive protection against dust and liquid ingress.
  • The advanced electronic design will detect the charge status of the device and alter the charging process accordingly.
  • The charger can charge any device to its full capacity after ascertaining the current charge, and then be it Apple, Android, iPad, phone, or tablet. Two LEDs indicate the chargers are operational.

Now charge your electronic devices anytime and anywhere with the sleek and highly powerful wireless chargers from Masstrans. The product is available in different design variants.