Automatic Fare Collection System

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Automatic Fare Collection System

Automatic Fare Collection System is an onboard validator designed by Masstrans for a variety of transportation applications. The system provides commuters with options of both paper tickets and contactless chip cards. The system can also recharge the chip cards while a commuter is onboard or through associated vending machines. The latest is the account-based system that can be accessed through your mobile device.

The Automatic Fare Collection system is a convenient way to address commuter ticketing needs as well as handle payments securely. It largely helps in keeping the operating costs under control as well as increases the turnover.

automatic fare collection system in bus
automatic fare collection system-for public bus transport

Ticket Vending Machine

Masstrans provide contactless solutions for ticketing, which is also cashless, making it all the easier for the commuters. For the transportation companies, it offers a greater level of transparency, eliminating any theft, corruption or mishandling of cash.

While fare collection for large transportation organizations can be a complicated activity. It needs an automated system that minimizes stakeholder errors and safeguards financial interests. Masstrans Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) is an advanced electronic payment system that provides a range of services to the passengers while maintaining full system control with the stakeholder.

Masstrans eliminates the friction of technology adoption for users. A centralized system enables the quick capture and streamlining of data across various points and systems in the framework.

Ours is a SaaS model for transport ticketing. The service model includes hardware equipment and subscription for the platform, enabling all the components in the system to work together, providing the fare collection, an end-to-end solution for the client. This approach allows implementing most modern transport payment methods and practices without additional capital investments for the client.

AFC System Features:

  • GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capability with RFID and NFC for seamless communication
  • Open-loop and closed-loop transactions capability
  • A system capable of online as well as offline functioning
  • High durability and flexibility with payment methods
  • Integrated ticketing — the system creates a common payment space, enabling customers to use a wide range of services
  • Scalable — the system can be initiated as a project and other service operators can be connected at later stages
  • Flexible — the solution can be configured to meet present and future stakeholders’ needs

Advantage of the Automatic Fare Collection System

For Service Providers

  • Eliminates cash handling
  • Reduces manpower spends on infrastructure handling
  • Highly efficient encoding, processing, and distribution
  • Data management at the back end
  • Centrally managed ticketing system means further cost reduction
  • Reduces thefts, cheat, or defaults
  • Low infrastructure investment

For Clients

  • Payment from a single account
  • Account-based ticketing can be topped up with the choice of facilities by the service provider
  • Automatic access to best rates
  • Seamless experience
  • Single access to multiple transportation services

Addition benefits of AFC System

  • Account-Based Ticketing

The advantage of account-based ticketing makes it easier for commuters to use their mobile devices or existing identifiers with a barcode scanner. This does not require further use of chip cards and hard copy of tickets. This again would bring down the cost of infrastructure considerably.

  • Seamless Customer Experience

Commuters can now enjoy seamless transits just through a simple touch-free scanning at the barcode scanner devices. Just a simple identification at the start of the journey means an easy and quick process.

  • Improved customer service

Transport companies can now ensure efficient and better ways to serve commuters without long queues and cash handling.

  • Data Generation

A simple scanning device can record details and offer quick services. This also ensures keeping a check on the commuter count and their location-wise data capture, as well as the ticket amount and other insights for further planning.

Not all-ticketing services give the total freedom of going cashless. Masstran’s Automatic Fare Collection System is well-equipped technically for pure cashless transactions and can be easily adopted into your existing system.