Automatic passenger Counting Systems for public transport

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Automatic Passenger Counting Systems and Cost Effectiveness:

Automatic Passenger Counting Systems at Masstrans offers an intelligent system for passenger counting that has been accepted worldwide. This Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) System is based on a sophisticated sensor technology for accurate passenger counting as well as real distance and contour data for most accurate people counting. It smartly distinguishes between people & objects.

automatic passenger counting system

How the automatic passenger counting systems for public transport proves to be an efficient solution to you?

Our system is very efficient in tracking the passengers boarded and alighted from a bus, train, tram, or ferry service platform.
Our system shows live occupancy numbers in public transport vehicles using a sophisticated sensor technology on the ‘Time-of-Flight’ principle that distinguishes the number of entries and exits in mass transportation vehicles. The best thing is you can store passenger numbers without their identification, so that the passenger privacy is protected.
Through our Automatic Passenger Counting System system, the number of passengers travelling can be easily counted and regulated. Our automatic passenger counting system is applicable across buses, trains, trams, ferries, subways, platform doors and other areas like exhibitions, events and more.

Our automatic passenger counting system for public transport is the right solution as across the globe, guidelines restraining the number of on-board passengers in public transit have been introduced, to ensure the well-being of passengers and drivers.

automatic passenger counting system

How can you benefit from our Automatic Passenger Counting System?

  • Determination of passenger traffic
    The bus passenger counting sensor captures real-time data and gives you a reliable check for transport companies on the scope of evaluation, planning, and optimization of the traffic network.
  • Passenger counting to plan optimal vehicle frequency
    As the automatic passenger counting system offer real-time data of the passenger traffic, you can thus articulate the right resources in terms of time and frequency, bringing optimal solutions and vehicle frequency.
  • Flexible vehicle capacity
    The real-time data of the passengers captured gives a yardstick on the number of passengers travelling on a particular route at a particular type and their mode of transport. This information can help you in aligning your fleet of buses or trains or other vehicles on a particular time, and deciding their frequency based on the traffic.
  • Vehicle space management
    Our automatic vehicle tracking system not just tracks humans but is also able to identify and differentiate with other physical objects like baggage, wheelchair, bicycle, strollers amongst few of the things that passengers might carry on board.
    You can thus estimate physical objects other than human, and this count helps you as a fleet management company in deciding the exact capacity, in addition to passengers. Therefore, you can restrict on the number of passengers on board. This information can also help you install ramps for wheelchair and stroller assistance, contributing to better passenger service.
  • Optimization of routes
    Our bus passenger counting system records the boarding and alighting passengers at different terminals giving you an estimate of the traffic on different routes. This information can help you with optimizing routes to the best capacity, ensuring better utilization of resources, energy saving and reduced pollution.
  • Passenger guidance with real-time data
    Our automatic passenger counting systems for public transport is an intelligent system that estimates the vacant seats on an oncoming train in a colour-coded way on the platform indicators. This would help passengers spread out evenly where they can occupy seats leading to evenly spread occupancy, thus travelling in comfort.
  • Revenue-driven system
    While the data collected by our automatic passenger counting is diverse and differentiated across adults, children, toddlers, bikes, strollers, and wheelchairs, it can help you in determining the actual traffic that contributes to the revenue of the fleet management system.

Technical Features of Automated Passenger Counting System:

  • Latest Time of Flight (TOF) Technology produces 3Dimages instead of 2D contrasts of detection area, people, & objects.
  • Real distance and contour data for most accurate people counting.
  • Distinguishes between people & objects.
  • Mounting directly in door space enables reliable passenger detection.