Driver Monitoring System

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Driver Monitoring System for safe driving experiences.

Driver monitoring system (DMS) is a highly vigilant system that can prompt drivers in the incidence of an impending crash, fatigue, drowsiness, and speed alterations.

Our Driver fatigue status monitoring system is a driving auxiliary warning system that is based on machine vision technology to detect driver’s abnormal driving. It can help you detect and alarm various conditions including fatigue, distraction, smoking and making a phone while driving.

driver status monitoring system
bus driver monitoring system

A smart solution to control road accidents.

Driver drowsiness, fatigue and distraction at the wheel are often the cause of serious accidents worldwide. According to the global status report on road safety, road traffic crashes represent the eighth leading cause of death globally. As ADAS, technologies become mainstream, automotive, and fleet management organizations are challenged with addressing this humongous safety issue arising due to driver drowsiness and distraction. Masstrans’ Driver Status Monitoring System, using a single low-power in-vehicle camera and advanced vision technologies, provides reliable detection of driver drowsiness and distraction, alerting the driver to reduce the chances of serious accidents and thus providing a safer and comfortable drive.

The various features of the driver management system are:

  • Driver calling & smoking detection alarm
  • Driver fatigue driving alarm
  • Driver abnormal alarm (when there is no driver or driver does not sit at the right place)
  • Working stably in various environment

Driver monitoring system working?

The driver monitoring system (DMS) use a camera with LED lights or lasers to “see” the face of drivers, even at night and when they are wearing dark sunglasses.

The Driver Alertness Monitoring System collects real-time data with intense observation. The Heightened safety measures of a Driver Management system are achieved by some simple measures –

  • Strategically placing the camera on the dashboard so it covers the driver’s face.
  • The camera identifies the driver and can analyse the face for signs of fatigue and drowsiness.
  • Alarms immediately on such encounters
  • Keeps the driver attentive in different situations and possibilities.

Driver eye-tracking data is captured and analysed with respect to gaze, movements, blinking, head patterns, and rotations. It also captures yawning.

Why Driver monitoring system (DMS) | Driver status monitoring system?

Driver alertness monitoring systems are ideal for many reasons. Fleet management companies can use it to monitor their drivers and their level of alertness. This could control many mishaps, as the drivers might sometimes be overworked and unfit for driving.

  • Tracking the vigilance level of the drivers can help companies avoid accidents.
  • It can also help in saving insurance premiums.
  • Be able to control situations in which drivers should not be driving.
  • Can monitor the speed and other parameters on the ride.
  • Checks fuel levels.
  • Monitors driver’s vehicle utilisation, driving patterns and activities.
  • Inform on a certain driver overworking.

Our driver monitoring system is effective for individuals and can bring a huge value to the fleet management systems as they have a large-hand control over the drivers, their schedules, their performance, and their efficiency.

  • This would lead to better controls and in turn minimize risk, maximise performance and bring customers good value.
  • Be able to recognize good drivers and penalize rash and incompetent drivers.
  • Having Driver management systems as an integral part of fleet management and thus helps in promoting enhanced safety measures of its passengers.
  • The driver management system is easily compatible with your vehicles and can be used across different vehicles and makes.

What we are dealing with are humans and their road safety and thus driver monitoring and management comes as a promising solution.