Intelligent Transport System

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Intelligent transport system in India for smart cities:

With the intelligent transport system in India, a lot is going to change in the way people commute and spend their time commuting. The intelligent transportation systems for smart cities designed for passenger convenience and ease. Applied to both private and public transport organizations in bus transport sector.
intelligent-transport system for bus

Maastrans have introduced the Intelligent Transport System in India that is largely going to ease travel.
The solution for Intelligent Transport System in India includes :

An on-board processing unit
  • An on-board processing unit
    You can control data through an on-board processing unit, taking care of data acquisition, transfer, storage, compression as well as transmission to the ground or server. The larger data is compressed and needs high-speed data links. It has a huge on-board memory to process and store data.
  • Passenger audio announcement unit
    You can use the passenger audio announcements to facilitate commuters with real-time information, increasing their comfort and ensuring safety measures as it keeps the audience remain attentive to the announcements.
Passenger audio announcement unit
  • GPRS / GSM
    The GPRS/ GSM devices can help you track real-time data of the traffic and possible road snarls giving an estimated time it would take the vehicle to reach the destination. This also ensures your vehicle is traceable from the control rooms.
  • Video surveillance
    The video surveillance systems offer you a comprehensive security system that can help prevent crime, avoid any mishaps, holds human resource accountable, as well as keeps commuters safe and under a vigilant system that is monitored.
Video surveillance
  • GPS based internal and external vehicle displays for passengers
    The GPS based internal and external displays show you the destination details as well as other details that could be important for you and your travellers during their commute. Oncoming destination or station keeps the commuters alert about their stops. These displays are more than three in numbers and you can place them in different strategic location inside and outside the vehicle.
intelligent transport system
intelligent transport system ubs2

Intelligent transport system in India:

The Intelligent Transport System in India Enhances your everyday commute by:

  • A back-end dashboard and hardware integrated solution ensures an all-round solution for easy transit.
  • Serves as a centralised live feed to the vehicle drivers.
  • It has option for Vehicle tracking and health diagnostics.


  • Single Control Unit
    The single control unit brings all the features under one place.
  • LED Destination Display
    The LED destination display placed at different locations inside and outside the vehicle to assist the commuters with proper viewing of the destination name.
  • Bus Driver Console
    The driver console has the controls to certain important features for better accessibility and usage.
  • Ticket Validator
    The ticket validator is a system that would validate the tickets with the support of a web application. This means no human resource is required for verification.
  • Speakers & Microphones
    The speakers and microphones act as accessories for emergency. When the displays are off, or there is any unprecedented incident that might require addressing the commuters. This also supports in promoting in-bus media promotional ads.
  • CAN Bus (Multiplex)
    CAN (Closed Area Network) Bus is a multiplexing system for vehicles where different devices links with a multiplex wiring system. This system makes possible for the different signals to combine and transmit data with the help of a single wire over the entire network.
  • IP Cameras
    The internet protocol (IP) cameras are high-definition cameras that record the activities in the vehicle. These images are then compressed in the camera itself before sending it to the server for a backup.