Passenger Information Display System

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Solution Overview:

Passenger information forms the heart of a mass transit system, enabling individuals to efficiently travel from one stage of their journey to the next. Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) from Masstrans are the digital information systems which display real-time information for the passengers. These can be installed within the following station areas in order to display relevant information on metro/train times and metro/train destinations to passengers – Station Ticket Hall, Station platforms, Station Entrances, Interchange corridors at Interchange Stations and to other modes of transport.

passenger information display system
passenger information system
bus arrival led message board smartcity ampron

Solution Details:

LED and LCD used in these boards are of the highest quality that can be seen at night and in broad daylight as well. They display real-time arrival and departure timings for the bus, train, or metro. The system is easy to install and can fit in minimum space on the stations. Information can be displayed in various configurations like color, intensity, and language. The language can be set to a regional language. High definition display with the flexibility of information display, easy installation, and maintenance means the Passenger Information Display system is a truly smart product. The passenger information display system is dust-proof given the nature of the installation. It can withstand weather conditions like rain and heat.

Masstrans’ vision is to reach maximum bus, railway and metro stations to help passengers and save their time. This system also helps the railway and bus station management to help their passengers better. The management can also save a lot because they need for appointing staff for passenger guidance is nullified by PIDS. Our Passenger Information Display System is one of the versatile information options there is because of their compact size as well as easy assembling is unmatched. This Passenger Information Display System can display double-sided as well which allows you to place them in the center of a large area so that it can be viewed from almost all angles.


  • Clear & Legible
  • Tough & robust for long term availability
  • Capable of 24/7 operation
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Able to show true real-time data
  • Tested, certified and fit for purpose