Passenger/ Public Announcement Systems

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Our efficient and sturdy passenger / public announcement system for Metro / Rails in India.

A public announcement system is essential for high traffic volume places like metro and railway stations, where audible messages need to be played repeatedly. Automated announcement help to communicate with people in different parts of the stations accurately & quickly.

Passenger Announcement System
Passenger Announcement System audible communication
Passenger Announcement System PAS solutions

Details of Passenger / Public Announcement System:

Masstrans Passenger/ Public Announcement Systems are designed for automated audible communication. Automated announcements help inflow of information instantaneously. Passengers & other staff get the relevant information on time wherever they are- whether at the baggage claims, escalators or any other public area. It can be used for automatic announcement of information about scheduled/non –scheduled arrival & departure of trains, security check-in or any other announcements.

The system is designed with a special focus on the ease of operation, quality of passenger experience, and expeditious turnaround for the customization of the audio libraries. The system offers an intuitive graphical interface and fully automated, manual or scheduled operations of various standard and non-standard customer services.

Masstrans offers PAS solutions for Tunnel emergency call, Station emergency call, Lift emergency Call and Public Address. Masstrans PAS provides maximum modularity, flexibility, & reliability of the system.

Key Features for Passenger/Public Announcement Solution:

  • Equipped with the relevant Digital Audio Decoder
  • Can broadcast PA live announcements through digital VoIP Console
  • Each power amplifier is equipped with an integrated power supply & 100V line transformer
  • Microphone for ambient noise detection