Fever Detection System

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted footfall in public spaces such as shopping malls, parks, airports, bus stations, etc. owing to the risk of infected surfaces and the possibility of virus transmission even from asymptomatic persons.

With the nation now embarking on the Unlock journey, we can now steadily get back to visiting public places by taking necessary precautions to keep us safe and healthy.

For the last three decades, Masstrans has been bringing in technological solutions to make the lives of the masses safer and more convenient. In order to meet the current needs, we are now introducing System to enable automated temperature scanning of a large number of persons.

Masstrans Fever Detection System minimizes the need for close contact. Masses can be scanned automatically with a thermal detection camera as they enter. The System provides an instant alert for higher temperature and the Video analytics, with powerful features, helps identify the person.

The System can be easily and quickly be deployed even in small spaces and eliminates the need for appointing a dedicated staff for detecting temperatures manually with a fever detection gun.

Fever Detection System from Masstrans is an essential solution for public spaces. This Fever Detection System would make the masses feel safer during their visits.

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