Aurangabad Smart City Gets Smarter With Outdoor LED Display Boards From Masstrans

The citizens of Aurangabad city have been given a new way to stay informed about their surroundings with Outdoor LED display boards from Masstrans Technologiies. These bright and informative signs shall keep commuters updated on happenings in this busy metropolis, while also being an aesthetically pleasing addition that can be seen for miles around!

The Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited (ASCDL), has recently installed smart Visual Management Displays (VMDs) across various parts of Aurangabad to provide relevant and valuable information about the city’s developments in quick, efficient and timely fashion.

These LED outdoor display boards have been strategically placed at airports, railway stations, bus stands, parks, roadsides, parking areas, and other public places that are frequented by local residents and tourists. The purpose of these coloured outdoor LED display boards is to provide relevant information regarding the Places of Interest (PoI) for commuters.

A total of 50 such Outdoor LED display boards has been installed by Masstrans in the city of Aurangabad.

These systems from Masstrans are designed to be integrated with existing platforms. Businesses and others have the provision to use their existing web content on multiple form factors to be deployed. This helps to greatly reduce the time and cost required to deploy new content and applications. With relevant information being displayed in real time, there is an increase in the visibility of products and services to help inform and educate the citizens. In addition, LED display screen for advertising outdoor helps to increase revenue by providing a platform for third-party advertising.

LED display screen for advertising outdoor

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