The number of smart cities is on the rise in India. The government has taken keen interest by investing in urban renewal and retrofitting program with Smart City Mission, launched in 2015, making cities citizen friendly and sustainable. 100 cities are being considered for smart city title by the government run campaign. But what makes a city smart? Simple – Smart technology.

With the digital age, it is mandatory for the cities to get smarter. A ‘smart city’ is the right combination of technology paired with existing or new infrastructure. The idea is to utilize latest IoT (Internet of Things) technology in the implementation of smart cities. Indian cities will experience upgraded lifestyle. To have a lasting effect, technology will have to evolve and and the level of automation shall experience an increase.

India is facing a lot of infrastructure-related problems in spite of booming technology. Better results can be expected out of existing infrastructure with the help of smart products. What would better solve the problem, than a fresh solution that would take care of various aspects in a smart and organized manner? Smart city solutions need to be flexible to attain different requirements for different cities. Thus, highly customized solutions are being worked out to suit the unique needs of growing cities. It is a logistical nightmare to monitor and track happenings around cities, and this is where automation helps.

Let’s consider the example of waste collection and management. Deploying IoT and related technologies can address some of the predominant challenges in the solid waste collection very effectively. IoT-enabled waste collection and transportation can bring significant advantages in the overall implementation of waste collection solutions. Fuel consumption can be reduced with lesser truck trips to collect the waste if they know exactly when the bin is full and ready to be taken. Composting and compacting the waste would help solve the problem, again, a solution offered in smart waste management solutions.

Technology and the products thereof, are growing at a rapid pace since the last decade. For example, electric vehicles that are set to replace fuel-run cars will turn the course of future cities. For which, a smart city can provide a distributed network of charging stations.

Implementation of technology is not only oriented towards efficient lifestyle but also environmental benefits. Masstrans gives out a wide range of products that cover most aspects of smart cities. Approach with a problem and depart with an everlasting solution.

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