Parking problems in India

Indian cities have seen exponential growth in aspects of infrastructure and transportation. The latter has become an inseparable part of our lives as it aids in economic, social and cultural development. It has been observed that the total number of vehicles in the year 2016 stood at 230 million! Ashok Leyland has planned a capital expenditure of Rs 1,000 crore (US$ 155.20 million) to launch 20-25 new models across various commercial vehicle categories in 2018-19. Hyundai is planning to invest US$ 1 billion in India by 2020. With such huge investments, the only solution stays with us is smart systems to tackle parking problems.
A huge amount of automobiles makes it impossible to find a parking spot without wasting a lot of time and getting enraged. This grave issue is one of the most important growth hindering aspects India needs to address. Plus, rising incomes will also play a role in buying more vehicles, as roughly 60 million households could enter the consuming class by 2025.

A lot of facilities have been harnessed to face this issue. Yet, most of them are not adequate to fit all automobiles. Staff is usually not fully equipped to find a parking spot immediately. Going rounds in an outdoor parking lot and an indoor parking facility is time-consuming. Parking problems affect an urban setup by fuel loss, wasted time, dispersed land use and narrowed carriageway on roads. Indoor parking spaces can prove to be chaotic as well. Security in indoor and outdoor parking lots can be a concern for many; that has not been in proper functionality so far. These stations can be made automated with software. These systems help security and number plate recognition. The system provides automatic parking tickets, displays the number of empty spots and guides driver through directions towards the empty spot. The National Transport Development Policy Committee (NTDPC) report published by the Union Ministry of Urban Development in 2011 says all parking should be indoor. Which still has not proved to solve the problem.

Intelligent solutions are the need of the hour that will solve parking problems. Cities need to upgrade and so does its parking facilities. One of the smart solutions that can help ease the parking problem is parking apps. They let you pay for your parking swiftly.

On street parking, lots are always busy and thus driver may end up losing time and fuel to find an empty spot. Finding an empty spot in huge parking lots is a tedious task. Smart products like empty spot displaying boards can provide much ease. The number of free parking spots is flashed on the signboard at the gates.

The number of empty parking spots cannot be registered and fed to the computer manually. There are sensors on each spot to detect whether the spot is empty or not. This dramatically makes automation a reality. The need for staff to count and keep a check in parking lots gets eliminated. Opposed to on-street parking, many public facilities provide indoor parking options. They are manned to maintain orderly parking, checking tickets and working as security.

India has faced parking related issues since long now, and it is estimated to sore even further into the future. To solve the issues in and around parking in India, Masstrans is taking measures. We offer a wide range of smart products that bring a total parking solution. Masspark is one-touch app saves time that we waste in finding a parking spot and getting a ticket. We help to park on the street with on-street parking information sign; it displays specific information on huge parking lots and they display numbers of free spots. Parking occupancy detectors notify which parking spot is available. Off street parking management system and off street parking guidance system help with indoor parking by showing empty parking spaces, saving time and giving automatic tickets.