A pleasure to interact with delegates at the 4th Virtual Conference on

“Waste Management Technology, Trends & Developments”

organized by MatCorr. Encouraging to see the passion and technology development in Waste Management.

4th virtual-conference on Waste Management Technology

About The Event:

In recent years we have seen the initiative by the Indian government with regard to the “Clean India” mission. The Virtual Conference on “Waste Management Technology, Trend & Developments” will facilitate this initiative by bringing together both the Industrial and Municipal Waste Management Professionals, experts, end-users, technology providers, government bodies, stakeholders, waste recyclers, dealers, retailers, and local authorities under one roof to discuss challenges, efficient solutions and presents the latest technology and developments to solve Waste Treatment & Management challenges.

The agenda of the conference is to empower people and the industry with the necessary tools and know-how to manage waste and make use of it to its optimal benefits. This conference aims to study the complexities & problems in the waste treatment faced by Municipalities & Industries and discuss new innovations & the benefits they bring want to maximize our resources to the extent possible. The subject conference will provide an ideal platform for professionals all over the world to interact, share and exchange their experiences/ trends/ solutions.