Masstrans recently joined hands with Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) to make sure commuters in Delhi get a better and safer travelling experience. The project has been agreed upon 450 sets of Intelligent Transportation System via TATA motors. With our trustworthy brand and durable smart products, Masstrans has earned TATA motors as a client for many years.

Intelligent Transportation System or ITS comprises of a single control unit that controls the whole system, it comes with emergency switches that help in time of emergencies. This transportation management system comes with a driver alert system, vehicle tracking system, surveillance cameras and a vehicle health tracker. A speaker is installed to announce the next and approaching stops. Passenger information system assists the passengers with their bus schedule and onboard infotainment system helps passengers keep entertained throughout their journey.

Drivers too are being helped with this smart transportation system by providing them with a rearview camera and reverse parking guidance system. This is achieved to feel passengers secured. Drivers are also provided with MIC system that helps them make any important announcements. Bus driver console helps drivers keep an eye on the internal and rear views for safety and security purposes. Speakers, with the help of GPS and GPRS, announce next and the approaching bus stops automatically. 4 signboards indicating bus route are being installed on all sides of the buses.

The ITS project with DIMTS is bound to complete soon as the work has already been initiated with great pace. Smart transportation is being adopted throughout the country to make travel safe, convenient and smooth. Masstrans brings smart transportation solutions, smart parking solutions as well as smart city solutions.