Passenger Information System (LED Destination Display)

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Solution Overview:

Passenger Information System (PIS) includes basic informative sign boards with smart features. The automation helps by saving time of fleet owners and eliminating confusion for passengers. It informs and guides passengers through current and approaching stops throughout the journey along with other important information such as safety information and advertisements. LED display board can be easily installed on the inside and the outside of buses, trains, and metros. These LED sign boards are available in front, side and rear display options.

passenger-information system for bus transport
LED Destination Display
passenger information system left display bus transport

Solution Details:

Our signs are robust, easy to install, use and maintain. The signs offer excellent legibility in all conditions. All signs are fitted with automatic brightness adjustment which optimises visibility and reduces power consumption. The sign system is programmed using Hanover’s proprietary, Windows based software (HELEN) which is simple to use and allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages and a wide variety of fonts and customisable options.


  • It can be viewed at night as well as in daylight.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • It is GPS enabled.
  • They are available in monochrome and multicolour option.
  • It has a multilingual display.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • It is highly durable.
  • Its energy consumption is low.
  • Display Ability – Scrolling Text, Random Text, Numeric, Date & Time, Animated Text
  • Can be installed facing inside and outside buses, trains, and metros

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