Highway Traffic Management System

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Highway Traffic Management Systems include road traffic solutions, traffic data solutions, traffic data collection, and traffic management systems.

Highway traffic management systems aims at making transportation smoother and convenient by improving the traffic flow, increasing transportation system efficiency, and enhancing mobility. The products help to keep roads safe, increase productivity and lower traffic congestion. Traffic management solutions are an answer to traffic problems on highways and urban roads.

Transport Solutions for Bus Drivers

Our Highway Traffic Management Systems

variable message signs

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are electronic and intelligent display panels for road traffic management that allow text and graphic variable messages to be combined,…

incident detection system for highways

Incident Detection System

Automatic Incident Detection (AID) use computers to continuously monitor traffic conditions and detect incidents or traffic queues. Road networks equipped with a variety of detectors .…

automatic traffic counters classifiers

Automatic Traffic Counters & Classifiers (ATCC)

Collecting real-time, reliable, and precise vehicle flow information is crucial for instant management of traffic on roads. To maximize the capacity of city roads as well as highways.…

weigh in motion on highways

Weigh-In-Motion (WIM)

Weigh-in-motion systems improve efficiency for operators and government agencies, enabling them to quickly capture vehicle and axle weight for safer highways..…

speed detection system

Speed Detection System (earlier called ANPR)

Speeding is regarded as a factor in nearly one-third of all fatal accidents on the roads. To combat this dangerous and life-threatening behavior, there need to be systems implemented .…

meteorological sensors

Meteorological Sensors

Masstrans Instruments offers a comprehensive selection of meteorological sensors and systems to measure atmospheric and local weather conditions. Our sensors and systems .…

travel time estimation

Travel-time Estimation System

Due to the increase in vehicle transit and congestion in road networks, providing information about the state of the traffic to commuters .…

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