Vehicle Speed Detection System

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Solution Overview:

Over speeding is a major issue & one of the main reasons for road accidents and fatal casualties on the Indian roads. A vehicle Speed Detection System is necessary as around 24% of the overall accidents reported are due to over speeding. SLVD system is introduced by Masstrans to help in speed enforcement with greater consistency and accuracy, helping authorities to better manage this menace effectively.

incident detection system for highways
Speed control signs

Solution Details:

Speed Limit violation detection system works as a violation warning for those vehicles that cross the maximum allowed speed on that route. This system will be capturing the Speed of each vehicle and also will capture the Image for those vehicles which crosses the speed limit.


  • Awareness for the road user about their speed
  • Displaying the vehicle speed on bigger display
  • Online Penalty impose on speed violation
  • Reducing the number of over speeding vehicle
  • Increasing Road-Safety

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