Passenger Information Display System

Bus Destination Display System
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Passenger Information System and ease of commuting:

The passenger information system provides visual and audio information to passengers at public transport locations as well as on transport fleets.

The passenger information system uses LED sign board for displays. These screens are LED displays that serve as informative sign boards. The LED sign board are smart and are used not only as information display but also for your advertisement needs.

Passenger Information System
Passenger Information System LED display
LED Board Display

Futuristic Passenger Information Systems:

Masstrans Passenger Information system can be adapted across vehicles, passenger stands, depots, stations, tunnels, stops, hubs as well as airports. They are also installed on the fleet of public transport for communicating details of the ongoing journey. The bus destination display system is well visible from far and informs and guides passengers, saving their time and eliminating any confusion.  The bus destination display system gives a real-time information check on the timings, travel destinations, on schedule, and delayed or cancelled fleets, therefore providing ease and comfort to the passengers. The bus destination display system informs and guides passengers through current and approaching destinations throughout the journey. Passenger safety and advertisements could also be played intermittently between the passenger information, acting as a promotional display source.

LED Sign Board:

The LED display board are easy to install at public transport places or on the inside and outside of buses, trains and metros. The LED sign board are available in front, side and rear display options. These intelligent public information systems can be easily adapted and integrated into your existing infrastructure.

The LED displays come with easy maintenance, lower power consumption, multi-interface hardware, resilience in different environments and sleep mode for power consumption. They can be obtained in custom-built sizes and specifications.

These digital signages can also be used for emergency notifications or traffic and parking solutions. They are also adapted to in-flight information display systems (FIDS).

LED Sign Board Features:

Our signs are robust, easy to install, use and maintain. These LED signboards can be used in extreme weather conditions and environments. They are all fitted with automatic brightness adjustment, which optimizes visibility and reduces power consumption. The sign system is programmed using Hanover’s proprietary, Windows-based software (HELEN) which is simple to use and allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages and a wide variety of fonts and customizable options.

The Passenger Information Systems by Maastrans have a variety of features to consider.

  • It can be viewed at night as well as in daylight.
  • It is weatherproof – designed to operate 365 days and 24 X 7.
  • It is GPS enabled.
  • They are available in monochrome and multi-colour options.
  • It has a multilingual display.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Auto brightness controls to suit the changes in ambient light.
  • It is highly durable with built-in smart technology for self-healing.
  • Its energy consumption is low because of smart power management
  • Display Ability–Scrolling Text, Random Text, Numeric, Date & Time, Animated Text
  • Can be installed facing inside and outside buses, trains, and metros.
  • Reduced Maintenance- has reduced downtime because of the ease of on-site maintenance.
  • Smooth screen transitions and scrolling enhances the display.
  • Rugged housing – Vandal resistant enclosure for outdoor and transportation environment.
  • Hardware options- Wi-Fi, GSM, ADSL, etc.
  • Ultra-bright LED for clear presentation in all lighting conditions, including sunlight.

The strategic position of these LED boards means attracting a full view of the passengers for information, as well as a warning system. In addition to the display system, the audio system is well synchronized and plays the communication that is displayed for clarity of information and attention. This is also a very important feature for visually challenged passengers.