Chandigarh installs Intelligent Transportation Solutions in buses

The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking took steps towards making transportation safe and convenient for the passengers. The same initiative has been taken seriously by most urban cities in India. While road accidents have gone up, we need to make efforts to bring down the rate with smart solutions.

TATA motors’ 200 Magna buses were fitted with Intelligent Transportation Solutions along with MNVR (Mobile Network Video Recorder). MNVR makes fleet operators keep an eye on the activities on the bus.

The ecosystem of smart products creates an environment that makes passengers feel better and safe about their journey. The ITS includes smart products that not only help the passengers but also the drivers and fleet operators. Surveillance cameras make passengers feel safe. Any suspicious activity will be recorded. Plus, hijacks are almost eliminated. A rearview camera helps drivers park the vehicle in reverse without bumping to obstacles or people. The rear part of the vehicle is a blind spot, so rearview camera help have a clear view for reverse parking at a congested place. Vehicle health tracker helps check with the condition of the vehicle including tyre pressure, fuel meter and speed control. Driver MIC is handy for any kind of announcements; this helps in case of local announcements, weather condition updates and emergencies. Speakers keep announcing the current and approaching stops. These speakers can also be used to update passengers about the weather conditions. Local ads can also be played on them. Bus driver console helps the driver get internal and external views. 4 signboards on all sides display the route of the bus, this eliminates the chaos among passengers. These are the LED destination display that is easy to install. Live CCTV cameras help fleet operators keep data.

Masstrans have started installing ITS in 200 CTU buses. It is expected to finish by the new year.