Consider our future full of fancy gadgets and the old transportation system, would this future be productive? This odd combination can be changed if actions are taken sooner to modernize the Indian transportation system. Safe, smooth and convenient travel to work or school is an essential part of our lives. As we write this, the situation on Indian roads is chaotic; there are congestion, accidents, and inconvenience. The National Crime Records Beaurue stated that road collisions accounted for 464,674 collisions which caused 148,707 traffic-related deaths in India, in the year 2016. The better option we can choose is to incorporate smart products in the existing infrastructure.

Intelligent transportation system (ITS) is one option we can incorporate in the vehicles for passengers to feel safe on the roads. Intelligent transportation system started in the European nations as a simple product in 2010 and it is now the need of the hour. The system works on complex algorithms that help fleet operators, vehicle owners and cab drivers to give passengers a great travelling experience. IoT (internet of things) is set to govern ITS and run it efficiently. This smart transportation system is defined as, an advanced application which, without embodying intelligence as such, aims to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks.

Intelligent Transport Systems are vital to increase safety and tackle Europe’s growing emission and congestion problems. They can make transport safer, more efficient and more sustainable by applying various information and communication technologies to all modes of passenger and freight transport. India can follow Europe’s footsteps to modernize travel industry. ITS is the key to support jobs and growth in the transport sector.

The European Commission is working with the Member States, industry and public authorities to find common solutions to the various bottlenecks for the deployment of the modern version of ITS. Through financial instruments, the European Commission supports innovative projects in ITS and through legislative instruments, it ensures that ITS are rolled out consistently.

Developing countries like India, are still struggling with the implementation of smart ways to regulate fleet operations and make them safer. A better travel experience is when you provide your passengers with security and convenience. A single control unit monitors the whole system composed of various products. The important unit of ITS is the security cameras that help passengers feel safe. Vehicle tracker gives live updates of the location to the main server; it helps keep track. Driver’s are helped as well, they are provided with rear parking assistance and a vehicle health tracker. This makes fleet operations safer than ever! Indian Government has put forward new amendments for the year 2019, to control traffic and serve huge penalty to those who break traffic rules. Tough times lie ahead of those who are constant signal-jumpers. Given that, the government is on the same road as us, it is time for Masstrans to spread throughout India.

Masstrans offers an Intelligent transportation system that is modern and sophisticated to suit the current needs and constantly tries to make travelling a better experience. Recently, we have recently bagged orders from- PCMC for LED Destination Display, Rajkot for Adaptive Traffic Control System and Surat for VMD on pole.

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