Thane Municipal Transport

Earlier this fortnight, Intelligent Transportation System saw a surge of demand throughout the Indian Transportation market. Thane Municipal Transport received an order of 50 buses from Ashok Leyland, they, in turn, equipped their buses with Intelligent Transportation System sets from Masstrans Technologiies.

Precise products, long-term durability of products and pragmatic customer service from Masstrans has built trust amongst a huge sea of customers. Masstrans aims to provide a smooth, safe and convenient travelling experience to the end customers.

Though the products also focus on making transportation smoother for drivers and fleet operators. Thus, the products end up adding to updating the quality of transportation in India. The futuristic products of Masstrans eliminate the need to appoint more staff, making it convenient for fleet operators.

Intelligent Transportation System contributes to the logistical aspect of travelling. The system is a set of a complex transportation network simplified to ease the load on the fleet operators and drivers. Designed to aid private and public transport organizations in the railway, metro and bus transport sector, this smart transportation system functions to ensure convenience to commuters.

The solution of a transportation management system includes an onboard coach processing unit, passenger information system, GPRS / GSM, video surveillance (CCTV) and GPS based internal and external vehicle displays for passengers. A back-end dashboard and hardware integrated solution ensure an all-around solution for easy transit.

An intelligent transportation system also provides a vehicle tracker. The passenger information system is fully equipped with a speaker and an announcement system. This ensures no confusion happens among the passengers. Vehicle Tracking System enables fleet operators to keep control over their vehicles without losing track of it.

Thane Municipal Transportation has undertaken a great initiative to upgrade their buses for a smoother and safer futuristic ride. Urging private fleet operators to upgrade their operations and be future-ready!

Thane Municipal Transport
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