The company that provides transport solutions has announced its new name as Masstrans Technologiies. Smart products are being adopted throughout the country in the transport sector. Many cities in India have buses and locals running with equipment like LED Destination Display. These equipment bear name Power Electronics on them and now, this trendsetting brand has changed its name to Masstrans. For more than two decades we have served cities with Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Smart Highway solutions and Urban Traffic Management solutions.

We dominate the public transport section, however, we are moving into the private fleet operator sector as well. We have served all Indigo Airline airports with smart products throughout India. In 2012, we introduced Urban Traffic solutions, and in 2019, we are bringing in more products. The trendsetting attitude of our founder has helped us reach a huge audience, and we would love to say thanks to all our clients. We take this re-branding opportunity to make our vision better and stronger.

Initially, when Power Electronics started, we were really focused on the products that we provided. Now, as per our CEO, Mr Vinay Jain, we will look forward to making transportation in India smoother, safer and convenient. As Power Electronics, we served cities like Pune, Kakinada, and Nagpur. Earlier this year, we received orders from Surat and Rajkot. Re-branding from Power Electronics to Masstrans has not only seen changes in the logo but also in the products.

As Masstrans, we have introduced many new smart products like Bigbelly and Collision sentry. The transition has left us with more opportunities so we come forth as Masstrans Technologiies. Come, let us make India smart.