Emergency Call Box System

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Solution Overview:

Emergency Call Box System is an end-to-end solution for road-side assistance in case of emergency events. It is a robust communication system that comprises of telephone boxes installed at the highway and connected to a control centre for swift emergency response.

Transport Solutions for Bus Drivers
emergency call box for security and emergency communication needs

Solution Details:

ECBs are strategically placed throughout the city for pedestrians. It is intended to be used by the users for security & emergency communication needs as an aid to seek urgent help and assistance.

This board lets an emergency road call treatment. It manages communications between a user in distress and an authorized operator of the motorway operating department. Exchanges are done via OPTICAL network.


  • Warning by single pressing on the call button
  • Geographical localization of the caller
  • Full duplex communication with the operator
  • Autonomous power supply by photovoltaic panel and battery

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