Meteorological Sensors

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Solution Overview:

Masstrans Instruments offers a comprehensive selection of meteorological sensors and systems to measure atmospheric and local weather conditions. Our sensors and systems are used for research, regulatory compliance, process control, health and safety, and local weather reporting by industry, academia, military, and government agencies. Our sensors serve meteorological monitoring needs throughout the world and in extreme conditions for measuring wind, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, and visibility.

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meteorological sensors allow data with unmatched accuracy

Solution Details:

Our meteorological sensors allow users access to meteorological data with unmatched accuracy. Our precipitation and present weather sensors complete the network of surface weather and water level monitoring stations. In addition to high accuracy precipitation measurement, our stations can also measure humidity and wind.


  • Allows authorities to quickly monitor, screen or issue citations in areas not served by permanent weigh stations
  • Accuracy of 2% to 3% dynamically at speeds of up to 3mph (6 km/h) and ± 0.5% statically
  • Class IIII NTEP Certified for direct enforcement in static weighing mode

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