Speed Detection System

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Solution Details:

Speeding is regarded as a factor in nearly one-third of all fatal accidents on the roads. To combat this dangerous and life-threatening behavior, there need to be systems implemented to target speeding vehicles. Speed Detection System enforcement monitor speed on roads and highways and are more effective in increasing safety and smoothen traffic flow.

Transport Solutions for Bus Drivers
A device measures the speed of cars going too fast.

Solution Details:

Speed Limit Violation Detection System works as a violation warning for those vehicles that cross the maximum allowed speed on that route. This system captures the speed of each violating vehicle and its image. The Speed Limit Violation Detection System helps in reduction of accidents by converting surveillance cameras into speed cameras. It can seamlessly integrate with the existing e-Challan System.


  • Violation warning for those vehicles that cross speed limit
  • Captures speed & image of violating vehicle
  • It converts surveillance cameras into speed cameras
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing e-Challan System
  • Easy maintenance & highly scalable system

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