Variable Message Signs

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Solution Overview:

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are electronic and intelligent display panels for road traffic management that allow text and graphic variable messages to be combined, resulting in a more effective means of controlling traffic.

variable message signs
variable message signs suitable for providing traffic information
variable message signs on highways

Solution Details:

The versatility of Variable Message Signs makes them suitable for providing traffic information for a variety of situations including emergencies and road closures. Each sign has the possibility to show different symbols and warnings, in several languages. The VMS system can be integrated with other traffic control and management systems. Through the use of a solar sensor, the brightness can be adjusted for both clear day and night viewing. Other benefits include increases in safety, lower stress levels, better decisions and mobility.


  • VMS comes with self-diagnosis tool that detects power failure, processor failure and LED cluster failure
  • It supports various communication interfaces like RS-232/RS-485, Ethernet, TCP-IP & GSM-GPRS

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