Driver alert system

The notion that the majority of road accidents occur due to weather conditions, due to others’ fault and due to malfunction of the vehicles is untrue.

As per PRS Legislative Research, drivers are held responsible for 78% of road accidents. These accidents are of two types, one where the driver over speeds and the other, where the driver is overworked.

Exhaustion due to vibrations, long working hours and other medical conditions make driving a tiring task after some hours. Whole new research has begun in India to find the root cause of road accidents related to drivers.

Going deep into why the drivers are so tired is a tedious task, instead, a new, smart fix is available in the market.

The driver alert system is a brand new product that senses motion in the driver seat and gears, and the speed of the motor. What makes this system so reliable is that the driver if drowsy is alerted well before an incident.

The driver alert system captures motions like fast blinking, drifting from the lane, and hitting rumble strips on the roadsides.

These signs are enough for the alert system to ring a loud alert that wakes the driver up. Then, the driver can have his control back on the wheel, saving his own life and the lives of people riding with him.

Truck drivers, fleet drivers and private buses, and cars can invest in this safety device. The majority of the fleet operators in India have started utilizing the Driver Alert System to save the lives of their customers.

This builds trust, makes the passengers feel safe and keeps the reputation of the fleet operating brand. This drowsiness detection system has a video camera that faces the driver to detect any motion related to sleep.

Because even a slightly longer blink of the eye occurs, the chances of fatal accidents are extremely high. The attention system literally gains attention from the driver by ringing the alert sound higher.

This car safety technology might become an integral part of most car designing companies, but this idea is far-fetched. Accidents need to stop and lives need to be saved!

Driver Alert System shares the same interest as that of Masstrans. Both aim to make travelling convenient and safe for passengers. Not only passengers, but this system will also help fleet operators, local buses and long-route trucks.

Masstrans has always set a trend in the transportation industry with its smart products, making cities smart and roads safe.