Making Delhi Transport Corporation’s public transport Smarter, Safer & Efficient


The capital of India, Delhi is home to an overwhelming 20 million people. With over 6000 public buses in operation, it still doesn’t meet the demand for transport services which are needed by residents throughout this immense city! The solution? 11000 more buses – that’s what experts recommend to bridge the gap between passenger requirement and availability.


However, having more buses for public transportation would add to the existing severe problem of pollution being faced by Delhi residents. An answer to this problem is the use of technology and smart electric buses with Intelligent Transport Systems.

Delhi Transport Corporation’s Initiative

As a part of its new initiative and fight against pollution, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) inducted 150 electric AC buses on 24th May 2022. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal flagged off the new fleet of air-conditioned electric buses along with announcing that a further 150 would start plying on Delhi roads in June. Kejriwal said that the final aim was to have 2,000 electric buses on the roads of Delhi by next year.

Delhi Transport Corporation

Masstrans Technologiies’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Offering

Masstrans Technologiies is proud to have the opportunity to join the fight against pollution in Delhi, by providing an Intelligent Transport System in 108 electric buses of Tata to mark the first phase of electric buses on the roads of the National Capital.

Intelligent Transport System comprises a number of technologies to make public transportation more efficient and safer by using information, communication and control technologies. Intelligent transportation is perfectly aligned with IoT (Internet of Things) thus making ground transit smoother.

Bus for public transportation

Our Intelligent Transport System (ITS) range of products

The Intelligent Transport System from Masstrans includes bespoke LED Roof Lights, Passenger Information Systems (LED Signs/Displays), Single Control Units, Bus Driver Console, Surveillance & Rear View Cameras MDVR/MNVR, Multi-media TFT Screens, Automatic Passenger Counting, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Driver Fatigue/Status Monitoring System, Reverse Parking Assistance System, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Wired & Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers, Infotainment System, Planning and Scheduling System and Automatic Fare Collection System.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has revealed that the Delhi State Government planned to invest a total of ₹ 1,862 crores over the next 10 years to procure electric buses with a further ₹ 150 crore coming from the Central Government. He also said that the government would be looking to create more electric charging depots across the city to facilitate the growing number of electric buses that are set to make their way onto Delhi roads.

At Masstrans, we look forward to closely working with the Delhi Transport Corporation on making public transportation smarter, safer and efficient.